Design System + Prototyping

"...[Kenn] created the foundations of a design system (including style guides, component libraries, and design system documentation) that was exceptional.

He demonstrated a deep knowledge and passion for design principles and empathy for our end-users. His previous experience with design systems was evident in the quality and meticulous nature of his work.

He is rigorous about self-documentation and created a thorough reference [Figma site] for all of his components, which he updated when developer questions arose."

Principal Consultant - Product Lead | Converge

UX Design + Design Thinking

"Kenn began improving the BaseConnect product during his initial interview and had produced a remarkable amount of design material for us by the time he arrived on his first official day of work. From that day forward, he not only produced incredible content for BaseConnect, but worked tirelessly to breed a culture of design thinking throughout our organization.

His contributions have opened new doors of opportunity within the Department of Defense that we would not have been able to access without his efforts and he single-handedly pushed the design knowledge and culture of our team to overwhelming improvements."

Chief Operating Officer | BaseConnect

Greenfield BI Product UX

"...Working with you in the multiple sessions was great, your great ability to take my ideas and concepts and build them into Thelios Intelligence actual visuals...
The presentation of the overall concept of Thelios Intelligence to other stakeholders was great,
they wanted the concept to be real and us be able to use it!"

Emerging Line of Business Manager | WWT

UX Leadership + Strategy

"I had reached out for some feedback on what are the key watch points to design the best user experience.
Kenn immediately took time and wrote a very thorough document with questions and points to help us think about the problem holistically."

Marketing Program Manager | AutoZone, Inc.

Web UXUI Design + Training

"His creativity and passion are extremely strong assets. He enjoys his work tremendously and this is abundantly clear in the quality of work he produces.

Kenn also produced a fantastic full-day training from scratch for four of our employees...he showed a great knack for explaining complicated concepts to those unfamiliar with technical lingo."

Director of Communications | MSMGF

Web UXUI Design + Strategy

"When we began to work on the project, I didn't know the terminology to describe everything we wanted, so I started sending him examples that personified our image and purpose, with the layout and color scheme we envisioned. Kenn nailed it with the first "comp". He is extremely creative and knew just how to enhance the overall look of the site as well as streamline the content. With Kenn's patience and use of parodies to help me understand, the project escalated because I found a relationship with his nomenclature."

Director of Media | Les Clefs d'Or USA